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“Polyamory is a lifestyle based on the belief that it is not only possible but also perfectly normal to love more than one person at a time.”
— What does polyamory look like? ( Dr. Mim Chapman)

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Benefits of Polyamory

  • Multiple people to do things with. Odds are that I’m not going to share all of my interests with a single person. With having multiple partners, however, the odds go up that I’ll share more of my interests with someone close to me and be able to further explore them. Also, I get exposed to more new interests with each of my sweeties, increasing my palette.  

  • Extended support network. When someone in my intimate circle is having a bad day, or experiences a crisis - they have several people to lean on. And, conversely, no one person is taxed out on giving support, because that support is spread out. 

  • Increased self-awareness. Intimate relationships act like mirrors we hold up to ourselves. And the reflection we see back in each relationship is slightly different, offering a new opportunity to discover something about ourselves. Having multiple intimate relationships gives us multiple perspectives to compare and contrast. 

  • Learning new things about a loved one. The flip side to the above is that when your loved one is experiencing multiple partners, they are learning new things about themselves. In that process, you get a very unique opportunity to see your loved one through someone else’s eyes and perhaps realize new things about them. 

  • Sexual Variety. Yes, I do admit it.. the opportunity to explore a variety of sexual interests is a really cool part of polyamory, even if that isn’t my drive for having multiple relationships.

  • Increased Individuality. In a coupled relationship, it’s really easy to slip into a couplecentric identity - of always doing things together, having the same friends, and having a unit identification. When you’re involved in multiple relationships, you base more of your identity on who you are, not by your relationship(s).  It’s really hard for someone to identify me as part of ‘FritzandCherie’ when they know that I have other sweeties important in my life.  

  • Personal Development. There’s nothing like having multiple partners to call you on your bullshit. In polyamory there’s a lot less room for personal insecurities and co-dependent communication patterns. When you have multiple people who you’re close with, who also communicate with each other in some form, you just simply can’t hide from your negative aspects and have to deal with them. 

Pretty interesting list, and I have to say I agree!

“I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.”
— Audrey Hepburn (via trip3tych)
“Loving other people starts with loving ourselves and accepting ourselves.”
— Ellen Page [x] (via a-thousand-words)

(via a-thousand-words)


I wonder how many relationships were broken by love triangles, that could have been perfectly healthy polyrelationships.

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